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Our Dogs

As a truly small Jack Russell kennel and we always strive for quality above quantity. Our dog pack lives with us and at our family. Next to the founding mother Noëlle, we have 4 of her daughters: Praline, Pesca, Geisha and Tapa. Moreover we kept 3 of her granddaughters Zsa Zsa, Ultra and Va Va. In addition, we imported the fabulous male Alpha and the gorgeous and spirited female Vodka from the kennel Jackandfish Italy. We have also welcomed our Russian jewel Coco from the kennel Aralez into our family and hearts.

In 2020 we had Nabila's Easy come and Easy go from Finland stay with us for a year. Urkki is a fabulous male dog from Finland, and introduced an exciting new bloodline to our kennel.

The stunning champion male Algrafs Banderos is our latest addition to the pack. This champ feels completely at home among his mates and especially among all the female beauty ;)

We proudly present our newest champion male Pacific History Your Choice. After a long journey, he arrived safely at his final destination in Belgium. This interesting bloodline will strengthen our kennel for the future.

It was written in the stars, and it's finally here. In addition to our Jack Russell Terriers (JRT), we have now also started our 2nd breed, the Fox Terrier smooth-haired (FTS). More on this later…

The Dog Pack

Soon expected

We are expecting something special … how exiting!

jack russell dogs