Zsa Zsa

20210928 Black Almond United Nations
Black Almond United Nations (aka Zsa Zsa)

Birth: 18–MAY-2021
Sex: teef
Color: wit/bruin
Coat: ruwharig

Sir: Nabilla's Easy Come Easy Go
Dam: Foxy Jacks Pêche Melba Vanille

Medical File:
Both parents Tested:
+ Official eye examination: no genetic eye diseases
+ Patellar: clear of patellar luxation
DNA profile: known and free from all hereditary disorders

Titels (from baby to youth class):
Junior Champion Luxemburg 2022
Best Junior at Special Terrier Show Luxemburg, 2022
Best of Breed & Best Junior at KBTC Open Terrier Show 2022
Best Junior at IDS Gent 52, BE 2022
Best Puppy at KFT Bonheiden, DE 2021
Best Puppy at IDS Kassel day 2, DE 2021

Best Puppy at IDS Kassel day 1, DE 2021
Best Baby at IDS Maastricht, NL 2021
Titels (from intermed. to adult class):
Soon enough ;)

Zsa Zsa, an unusual gem!

Named after a movie star for a reason, our Zsa Zsa Gabor is not a kitten to handle without gloves.

20211212 Bonn Zsa Zsa Best Puppy cr-1
[6 months] at her first 3 shows in puppy class, she became 3 times best puppy

20210928 Black Almond United Nations
[4 months] don't you think I am ready for my first show ever?

2021 U2-BA 3T1 United Nations
[6 weeks] already a bit venomous look