2021 Foxy Jacks Umami 5 weeks wm
Foxy Jacks Umami (aka Ummi)

Birth: 22-SEP-2021
Sex: male
Color: white/tan
Coat: rough coated

Sir: Ariko Koyu Cattivissimo Me "Messi"
Dam: Foxy Jacks Que Sera Sera "Geisha"

Medical File:

+ Official eye examination: no genetic eye diseases
+ Patellar: clear of patellar luxation
DNA profile: known

Umami, only son of a our show girl Geisha!

Umami means “essence of deliciousness” in Japanese and stands for a strong taste, that is not sweet, sour, salty, or bitter and that is often referred to as "the fifth taste"…

Ummi Xmas 1

Ummi Xmas 2

[10 weeks] ho ho ho, merry xmas y'all!

[5 weeks] a basket full of deliciousness

Meet my daddy Messi. I hope I will look a lot like my daddy :)

Messi 2