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20160415 Litter P


Our Jack Russell litters are the result of very carefully considered combinations of the parents. Our dogs have to annually pass several health tests (e.g. eye examination, Patellar Luxation); these results can be consulted per your request.

As mentioned in our home page, we have an exclusive collaboration between the kennels Foxy Jacks and Black Almond.

Puppies that will reside in Belgium, can leave for their new home at the age of 10-12 weeks. However another regulation applies for Jack Russell puppies going abroad. Because of their obligatory rabies vaccination, they can only leave from 15 weeks onwards.

If you are interested in a puppy, click here! Only serious requests will be answered.

Foxy Jacks W2 Litter 11/11/2023

W2FJ 20231203 wm

Foxy Jacks W1 Litter 16/04/2023

20230609 W1FJ litter 7 weeks

20230427 W2FJ 11 days

Black Almond W1 Litter 17/01/2023

Meet their new families. We're keeping one for ourselves ;)

W1BA-kopers wm

2022 V litter

20230117 W1BA announcement combined

Foxy Jacks V1 Litter 2022

20220601 V1FJ announcement final

Black Almond V1 Litter 2022

Black Almond U1 and U2 Litters 2021

20210617n18 BA U1n2

Foxy Jacks U1 Litter 2021

20210616 U1 wk1 copy

Foxy Jacks T2 Litter 2020

Black Almond T1 Litter 2020

Foxy Jacks T1 Litter 2020


Foxy Jacks S2 Litter 2019

S2 announcement trial 2 Final small

Foxy Jacks S1 Litter 2019

20190224 S1 announcement v3b regular-1

Foxy Jacks R2 Litter 2018

R2 announcement v3 FINAL

Foxy Jacks R1 Litter 2018

20180306 R Litter announcement

Foxy Jacks Q1 Litter 2017

20170806 Q litter announcement final

Foxy Jacks P1 Litter 2016

20160415 Announcement Litter P with parents
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