Take a Bow

Foxy Jacks Take a Bow (aka Tapa)

Birth: 08-APR-2020
Sex: bitch
Color: white/tan
Coat: rough coated

Sir: Jackandfish The Hangover
Dam: Du Belle Bijou Mademoiselle

Medical File:
Both parents Tested:
+ Official eye examination: no genetic eye diseases
+ Patellar: clear of patellar luxation
DNA profile: known

Titels (from baby to youth class):
Best minor puppy JHD Gent 2020
Titels (from intermed. to adult class):
Soon enough ;)

Tapa, a most promissing new star is born!

We are very excited with our newest ownbred offspring FOXY JACKS TAKE A BOW "Tapa"!

She became Best minor Puppy at 3 months at her very first dogshow, which happened to be the very first dogshow after the lockdown.

[3 months] At her first show, Tapa became Best Minor Puppy at the JHD Gent 2020

[7 weeks] Tapa is learning bit by bit how to show off

[2 weeks] posing from within a garden hat, easy peasy