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20160415 Litter P

Q1 Litter

Our second litter!

Same combination as our P litter, so were were hoping for an equally smooth delivery and similar outcome. And our wishes came true: Noelle gave us 6 beautiful pups, exact same 5+1 outcome as her previous P litter.

From this litter, we decided to keep Geisha. All others went to their new lovely homes.

My Best Birthday Present Ever …

The most beautiful songs last forever … Sing along!

September 16th 2017: 6 weeks old and already 6 little stars in our eyes.

Q litter Q6T Que Sera Sera

Q litter Q5R Quando Quando

Q litter Q4T Quiereme Mucho

Q litter Q3T QuickSand

Q litter Q2T Quiet Storm

Q litter Q1T Queen Bitch

August 6th 2016: same combination, exact same outcome!

Jump & Noëlle gave us 6 puppies with the exact same outcome as previous time, both in number as gender: 5 females and 1 male!

2017 Q litter pups 1 day excl txt

Best Birthday present ever …

Litter Q born on August 6th 2017.

2017 Q litter announcement Noelle Q6-wmo

20170806 Birth & Birthday-bc

Because it felt so good, we did it again!

20170806 Q litter announcement final


Everseen Jumpin with Symphony

Birth: 02–MAY-2014
Sex: male
Color: white-tan
Coat: rough coated

Belgian, Dutch & International Champion
BOB Charleroi 2016, BOB Rotterdam 2016,
BOB Luxemburg 2015 & 2016,
BOB Mechelen 2015, BOB Worldshow Milano 2015,
BOB Oslo 2015, BOB Brussels 2015

Sire: Multi Champion Touchstar Private Collection
Dam: Multi Champion Desperate Dune of Mayoland


Du Belle Bijou Mademoiselle

Birth: 30-OCT-2014
Sex: bitch
Color: white-tan
Coat: rough coated

Belgian Champion Youth 2015
BOB Landen 2016, BOB Louvain 2016
BOS Charleroi 2016, BOB Youth Charleroi 2015
BOB Youth Libramont & TerrierSpecial 2015
BOB Puppy Liège 2015, BOB Puppy Genk 2015

Sire: All Jacks Madmax
Dam: King Bassie's Dutch Pigeon

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