2021 U1-BA 3T3 Ultra Violet
Black Almond Ultra Violet (aka Ultra)

Birth: 17-MAY-2021
Sex: bitch
Color: white/tan
Coat: rough coated

Sir: Nabilla's Easy Come Easy Go
Dam: Foxy Jacks Praline aux Noisettes

Medical File:
Both parents Tested:
+ Official eye examination: no genetic eye diseases
+ Patellar: clear of patellar luxation
DNA profile: known and free from all hereditary disorders

Titels (from baby to youth class):
Patience please ;)

Titels (from intermed. to adult class):
Patience please ;)

Ultra, one from Praline

Whiter than white, ultra violet!

2021 U1-BA 3T3 Ultra Violet
[6 weeks] learning young …